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Free After Mail In Rebate Offers


This deal is no longer valid.


Cremo Company Makes astonishingly superior products! In fact, they are so confident that they are superior that they are offering a FREE After Rebate promotion to try them out.

You can get one of each of the following products FREE:

Cremo Cream Shaving Cream

Men’s Cremo Cream Shaving Cream

FREE Cremo Face Wash

Cremo Face Wash

FREE Cremo Face Moisturizer

Cremo Face Moisturizer

FREE Lady Cremo Shaving Cream

Lady Cremo Shaving Cream

ONLINE PURCHASES ARE NOT VALID FOR REBATES. Purchases must be made at a retail location. Also please, only one rebate per product can ever be sent to any one person, address or email. For example: the same person can enjoy one rebate for one Shave Cream and one rebate for one Face Wash: not two rebates for two Shave Creams. Also, due to fraud, please no PO Boxes. You will receive a rebate up to $9.


I can tell you that Walgreens stores carry the Men’s Shave Cream.  The web site also has a listing of other retailers that sell their products. The Men’s Shave Cream is $7.99 at Walgreens. Obtain your rebate form online, print it out and mail it along with the original receipt.  Although there was a hang tag on the product in store when I purchased it, the tag is not needed according to the rebate form.

These would be nice FREE items for a gift basket.

FREE After Rebate Form

Here’s what I received in the mail from Cremo –

Free Shave Cream

I bought the shave cream at Walgreens.  Along with my rebate check I received a nice hand written note from the founder of the company, Kyle, along with 3 coupons (rebates) for a FREE product to pass on to family and friends.

Expiration NONE
Limit 1 per Product
Store Retailers
Rebate Amount Up to $9
Rebate Forms Print Here
Shipping N/A


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