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I was just thinking the other day, “I really want a new car but my car is paid off and I don’t want a car payment.” If only I could find someone to give me a FREE car! Who’s going to do that? Check out these places, you might qualify for a FREE car or a FREE truck.

Each of these companies is very similar. Here’s how it works. You want a FREE car to drive. They want someone to drive or park the “FREE” auto in places where there is a large targeted audience that meets certain demographics. You see the FREE car comes from a marketing company. And here’s the catch … the car is going to be wrapped (covered) with advertisements! In other words your FREE car is nothing more than a mobile billboard! You’ve seen them before, you know, the Mini Cooper that’s plastered with the Yahoo! logo that’s been driving around the University or the Red Bull laden SUV that circles the mall endlessly around the holidays! Those people are probably driving for FREE! The more eyes that will see the car, the better! This is much cheaper than paying for an actual billboard advertisement which can cost thousands of dollars a month! The terms of the contract and the length of time that you will be able to drive for FREE will vary depending on the promotion that is wrapped on the vehicle.
There are several ways that these companies do this: They provide you with a FREE car, FREE Gas and FREE maintenance or they wrap your car with advertisements and pay your car payments or a monthly stipend in exchange! Either way – a payment FREE car!

You will be required to sign up for the program by answering some pretty specific questions about your driving and parking habits. For example, where do you plan to drive your FREE car every day? What time of day will you drive your FREE car? Will you park your FREE car in a busy lot near the busiest road ? You must meet the advertisers specific criteria. As a result it is rare that you will find a match quickly (if at all) and be accepted as a FREE car owner. Don’t worry though, it’s just a little time involved at the outset to fill out the questionnaire. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Here are three companies that I’ve applied to (with no luck as of yet). I’ll let you know when, and if, I get lucky!

1 – Ad Smart Outdoor Advertising – get a FREE Nissan Xterra or a FREE Volkswagen Beetle! They wrap them with advertising and let you drive a brand new car for FREE! This company will also wrap your current vehicle and pay you $350 per month! FREE money for driving as you normally do. Sign up for FREE! Check out the details and sign up here!

2 – ADWRAPS – Drivers who are interested in earning up to $400 per month or driving an advertiser subsidized FREE Car should check out this company! Enrollment is FREE!

3 – FreeCar Media – this company is looking for the “soccer mom, single person, a banker, radical snowboarder, or busy commuter” to get up to $900 FREE every month to have their vehicles covered in advertisements! Their average program lasts 3 months. $900 per month, FREE – just to drive around like you normally do!

There are many other companies than these that offer a FREE vehicle in exchange for the service that you would provide by driving their advertisement laden car around.

This has got to be one of the best ever FREE offers! If you’ve been successful with these types of FREE car programs please share your experience with me. Thanks!