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Free Cell Phone


Sorry it’s not a FREE iPhone 7 :(

There are promotions everywhere that offer FREE phones when you sign a contract. That’s not the kind of FREE phone that I’m talking about. I’m talking about a completely FREE phone! Does that really exist?

SafeLink Wireless offers exactly that!  A completely FREE phone and three different plans to choose from with FREE Monthly minutes, you pay nothing! You even get FREE airtime!  These phones are reserved for low income families.  Although they are not currently available in all states they do say that eventually they will be. The process is really quite simple. As part of a government sponsored program SafeLink provides “discounted” phone service to low income individuals. They provide the discount to you in the form of FREE minutes. 250 minutes per month to be exact. (Number of FREE minutes may vary by state.)

SafeLink promises FREE Cellular Service, provides you a FREE cell phone and credits you for 250 FREE minutes every month! They also say that you will never get a bill, NEVER! You don’t even have to sign a contract! However, with almost all things that are FREE there are some hoops to jump through in the beginning. There is an online application that must be completed and printed out. The application has to be mailed or faxed in along with copies of required verification documents. From there it’s a waiting game. The approval process can take a month or even longer if you mail in your application. They will give you a unique ID that you can use to check the status by phone or on the internet.

Once you are approved they will send you a brand new FREE cell phone! You will have 250 FREE minutes (each month for a year) along with FREE Texting,  FREE caller ID, FREE Call waiting and FREE voice Mail. PLUS calls to 911 are FREE. Any unused minutes will roll over to the next month. If you are in need of more minutes you can purchase cards with additional minutes at national retailers.

Only certain Americans are eligible for SafeLink. Eligibility guidelines vary by state but in general individuals qualify if they participate in a public assistance program such as Food Stamps, Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), National Free School Lunch, Federal Housing/Section 8 Assistance, or if they do not receive any of these public assistance programs, they may also qualify based on total household gross monthly income. Customers can learn more or apply by calling 1-800-SAFELINK or visiting

This program and the phone are ABSOLUTELY FREE with no charges, no bills and no contracts!
How can you go wrong?