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OK – So they aren’t really FREE but here’s the deal….

Cardpool and Raise.comicon offer a place to buy, sell and trade gift certificates. They offer discounts up to 35% OFF! 

FREE Gift Cards

The selection of certificates is pretty large and includes restaurants and department stores, mostly national brands, like Godiva, Tommy Bahama, Panera Bread, Chili’s, Ann Taylor, Yankee Candle and many, many more! They sell gift cards for up to 35% OFF the face value. FREE shipping too! I know, I know, you’re thinking, that’s not FREE! Nope, not exactly.  Think of them like savings coupons.

But think of it this way – You are already planning on buying an outfit at Talbots. That outfit cost about $300. As luck would have it there’s a $226 Talbot gift card listed for sale at 30.98% OFF – that’s an automatic savings of $70 for you! It’s like getting FREE cash, or a FREE gift card for $70! How could you go wrong? If you are already going to make a purchase or if it is for a place that you visit frequently, it is worth a look.


Do you have an unwanted gift card? You can Buy, Sell and Trade Gift Cards!
There are nominal fees to sell certificates but none to buy them. So if your grandma gives you a gift certificate for FREE to Michael’s Crafts not realizing that you don’t have an artsy-crafty bone in your body. What are you going to do with it? SELL IT of course! You got it for FREE so you might as well get some cash, right? Or you could trade it for a gift card that you would use.

PLUS – here’s a great discount from

$5 off for New Customers at!!!


$5 OFF for First Time Customers at Cardpool (no purchase limit) – For Example – purchase a $10 Starbucks gift card discounted 18% for $8.20 less $5 OFF First Time Customer Discount = $3.20!  That’s 68% OFF and a savings of $6.80!


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