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Fortnite is a FREE-to-play game that offers a diverse gameplay. With a strong community and fan base, players can have a good time playing this game. There are some characters available to play in Fortnite. However, when you are first starting out, there are only a few of them you can choose. They will look the same as other new players, with the skins being the only distinguishing feature between them.

If you want your character to look different, we will show you how to get FREE Fortnite skins. That way, you won’t have to look like everyone else.


Event challenge

In mid-2023, there was an event challenge that could get you a FREE Spider-Verse skin. The reason was a collaboration between Fortnite and Spider-Man for a limited-time event called Web Battles. What you needed to do was log in to the Fortnite Web Battles website and complete the daily battle task. The reward was based on the points collected. It is worth noting that the points can only be earned in Zero Build Fortnite or Battle Royale.

Since this is a challenge, you can’t get this skin without earning some points. Therefore, the first requirement before you can even compete is to improve yourself better. Perhaps you can win over some of the newbies out there. However, the chance remains slim. That is why you should continue to improve your skills, especially for upcoming challenge events.


Exclusive tournaments

This method requires you to be highly skilled at the game. However, the character and skin rewards are usually the most wanted ones. As you will be competing against the best players, there is no other thing but to prepare yourself for it.



You may see lots of skin giveaways from time to time. However, you need to make sure that it is legit. How? The giveaway should be carried out by a known and trustworthy individual. Second, it doesn’t request any personal information because a legitimate giveaway should just provide a redemption code instead.


Special Bundle

Another way to obtain FREE Fortnite skins is through a special bundle. Consider the collaboration between Fortnite and Samsung, which was held in the introduction of the Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy Tab S4. If you play with those two devices, you can earn the ‘Galaxy’ skin. This one is super rare because Fortnite had not yet been ported to Android devices at that moment. Of course, it was not completely free because you have to spend money to get the device, which may cost you more than the price of the skin itself. However, many people discovered the flaw in the system and logged in their Fortnite account on a display device in Samsung Store.


Reaching a Gold Rank in Rocket Racing

If you want to get FREE Fortnite skins, but the battle royale is out of the way, the racing game might be a good option. You can actually get Jackie if you reach the gold rank in a racing game. To obtain it, you must finish in a high position in each race. You start with bronze 1 and progress to silver 3. Gold 1 is the next rank after silver 3, and to achieve the gold rank as soon as possible, you need to consistently win the races.


Creating Account or Subbing to Fortnite’s Partnerships

Fortnite has many collaborations, each of which usually provide you with FREE skin if you know how. For example, you can obtain Explorer Emilie by creating a LEGO insider account and linking it to your Fortnite account. You can also obtain the Subzero Cryptic outfit by purchasing a PS Plus subscription.


Buying skins from the official store is obviously expensive, not to mention how many skins you want to collect as you grow fond of different characters. You can also try buying a new Fortnite account rather than starting from scratch. However, there is an obvious risk related to it. Everything really depends on you. How willing are you to take the risk? The no-risk solution is to simply play the game and pay attention to the official game events that provide FREE skin.

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