BIRTHDAY FREEBIE – Victoria’s Secret – FREE $10 Birthday Gift – FREE Birthday Reward

Free Birthday Bra

Free Birthday Bra

Get yourself an Angel Card (Victoria’s Secret Credit Card) so that you can be eligible for their FREE Birthday Surprise every year.

You will need to apply and be approved for the Angel Card Credit Card to take advantage of FREE Birthday Offer.

As an Angel Card  Holder (or an Angel VIP or Angel Forever Card Holder) you will receive a FREE $10 Gift!

So you could use your FREE Victoria’s Secret Gift Card for a FREE Bra, FREE Panties or even FREE Fragrance – it’s your choice!

Do they sell men’s underthingies too?

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11 thoughts on “BIRTHDAY FREEBIE – Victoria’s Secret – FREE $10 Birthday Gift – FREE Birthday Reward”

  1. BEVERLY- You have to register for the FREE Angel Card mentioned above in order to be eligible for the FREE Birthday Coupon.

  2. In reading these other comments, I must say…some people are goddamned brain dead. I feel bad for you, site managers…

  3. Ok, just a heads up you have to apply for the Angel card (yes that seems stupid) but they want your SSN. Meaning it’s a credit card thing. I’m not comfortable applying for a store credit card (any store), and if you are just looking for freebies (even if you get a few extra spam emails along the way) this is not the freebie you think it is.

  4. Does anyone know when they send their birthday coupons out? I have an angel card been a member for almost a year. Birthday is in a few days and was trying to figure out if I should wait to order till I recieved the birthday code I keep hearing about. My bday is on the 15th do they wait till the actual day of your birthday or do they email or mail it?

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