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Free Christmas Business Cards

FREE Business Cards are AWESOME!  There are so many things that you can use them for other than actual Business Cards.

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Take advantage of the FREE Business Cards this holiday season with these 9 Christmas uses for FREE Business Cards!

1 ► FREE Gift Tags – design your own with a personal touch!  “A gift from the Smiths for

2 ► FREE Gifts – Give “Business CardsFREE Christmas gifts.  You don’t have to actually design a business card.  You could put a recipe on it, or someone’s favorite quote or even photos of children, grandchildren or pets.

3 ► FREE InvitationsBusiness Cards make perfect wallet sized holiday gathering reminders.  They are ideal to put on the fridge or in your purse.

4 ► FREE Placecards – design them as holiday dinner party name cards for your dining table.

5 ► FREE Baked Good Tags – if you are baking some cookies or making some other holiday confection, make cards that say what it is and who it’s from – “Snickerdoodles from the Smiths – Happy Holidays

6 ► FREE Craft Project – here’s a great one for the kids!  Print the outline of a Christmas Tree on the cards.  Then, have the kids color them, cut them out and string them to make tree ornaments!  Great afternoon activity.

7 ► FREE Cheer – Pass out FREE Hug or Kiss cards/coupons!  These are sure to put a smile on people’s faces and bring them a little holiday cheer.

8 ► FREE Inspiration Cards – “Jesus is the reason for the season” or another season appropriate quote that you can share with others.

9 ► FREE Holiday Reward Cards – Holiday Bucks!  Each card is worth a point.  Reward kids for tasks (grades, chores, good deed, etc.) and let them redeem them over the holiday break for prizes.

Feel FREE to share other Business Cards ideas with everyone in the comments below.

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