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FREE Gift Card Discounts

Cardpool is one of my favorite websites!

Save up to 35% OFF Gift Cards to national restaurants and retailers at Cardpool.  Places that you shop at every day!

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Here’s why this is so great –

You can buy discounted gift cards to the places that you go to on a regular basis and save money!  For example, I live near Walgreens so I buy Walgreens gift cards at a discount in advance.  It’s like getting FREE Stuff at Walgreens everytime I shop there.  PLUS you can still apply discounts, coupons, rewards and promo codes ON TOP of the savings you get on these discounted gift cards.

Follow this scenario –

Right now Walgreens has 4 FREE After Rebate (rewards) items (see them here) that cost a total of $25 before rewards.  If you purchase a $25 gift card for Walgreens from Cardpool it only costs $22.50 (first time customers apply the $5 off code and pay only $17.50).  Use this card to pay for my purchase and receive $25 in Walgreens Register Rewards.  So you actually come out ahead $7.50.  In other words, you just made $7.50 to get four FREE items.  NICE!

$25 – $2.50 – $5 = $17.50 + $25 Register Rewards = $7.50 PROFIT + 4 FREE Items from Walgreens

Another FREE After Rebate example –

Get a FREE After Rebate 15 lb. bag of Nutro Dog Food from Petco through 2/2/14 (see details here).  Cost is $37.99 for the bag.  BUT you can purchase Petco Gift Cards from Cardpool for a whopping 30% OFF from Cardpool, dropping $11.39 off the price AND take another $5 OFF for first time customers for a savings of $16.39.  Use the discounted gift card to purchase the 15 lb. bag of dog food and send in the rebate to receive a FULL REBATE of $37.99 for your purchase.  In the end, you MAKE $16.39!

$37.99 – $11.39 – $5.00 = $21.60 + $37.99 rebate check = $16.39 PROFIT & a FREE Bag of Dog Food

Why buy discounted gift cards

  • No Expiration Dates
  • No Gift Card Fees
  • FREE Shipping
  • Combine with other discounts for UNBELIEVABLE Savings
  • Save BIG money on everyday purchases
  • FREE Rewards for Referrals

See all the discounted gift cards available from Cardpool!

Don’t forget to DOUBLE DIP!