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1 ► Travel Books – I know, these books aren’t FREE but you can find them in most public libraries where it is FREE to borrow them.  Or maybe some friends have a book that you can borrow.  Most travel books have a section of FREE events and sights for the locale.  Plus reading it might just give you some other ideas: take a day trip or stroll through a park.  If you really want to buy a travel guide but don’t want to pay the top dollar, check eBay where you can usually find them starting at just 75¢!

2 ► Tourism Magazines & Brochures – Every major city, state and country has a tourism board or organization.  Quite often they offer FREE Magazines, Brochures and Maps.  These are great sources of FREE activities and sights.  Many tourism boards place literature at strategic locations like hotels and tourist attractions as well.  FREE Travel Guides for all 50 States.

3 ► Hotel Concierge – if you are staying in a hotel (or even if you are not), talk to the people that work at the front desk.  They know ALL the touristy stuff that you can do AND they know what’s FREE.  They know the ins and outs, what’s worth checking out and what’s not.  Bend their ear a bit.  Take notes.  Ask for directions.

4 ► Google – see what shows up in Google search when you type in “things to do for FREE” along with the destination name.  You will be amazed at how many items will actually be listed.

5 ► Social Media – pose the question “What can I do for FREE in _______?” on social media networks that you interact with – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.  People love to share their experiences and will gladly give you some unique and memorable ideas.

6 ► Locals – people, in general, are proud of their home territory and they want to show it off.  They will tell you some of the BEST secret places that you should check out.  The locals will tell you the best places to get a vantage point, their favorite places to hang out and of course their favorite FREE spots.  This is honest advice from a resident, not from a traveler or a travel writer, and it’s priceless!

7 ► Apps for Smartphones – there are apps for nearly everything and travel is certainly not an exception.  Many tourism boards and Chambers of Commerce host apps that are FREE because they generate income for their communities.  Just search for the locale that you are visiting and see what’s available.  I’ve written about FREE Hawaii Apps and FREE Las Vegas Apps among other.

8 ► Maps – Look on a map of the area that you are going to be vacationing in.  Are there landmarks on the map that may be worth a closer look.  Day trips are often some of the best FREE activities.  You never know what you might see or discover.

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