8 Ways to Find FREE Vacation Activities


1 ► Travel Books – I know, these books aren’t FREE but you can find them in most public libraries where it is FREE to borrow them.  Or maybe some friends have a book that you can borrow.  Most travel books have a section of FREE events and sights for the locale.  Plus reading it might just give you some other ideas: take a day trip or stroll through a park.  If you really want to buy a travel guide but don’t want to pay the top dollar, check Half.com where you can usually find them starting at just 75¢! (more…)

FREE Travel Guides, Maps & Brochures – for EVERY State in the US – 50 US Vacation Books


There are so many things to see in do in the great USA!  Plan your next vacation with these FREE Travel Guides from ALL 50 States.  Surely, you can find some FREE Travel Activities in these FREE Brochures.  Many also include FREE State Maps to route your course.

These FREE Guides and FREE Highway maps are great for educational opportunities as well as for scrapbooks and other craft projects.


FREE BOOK – 100 Travel Tips


If you travel, you need this FREE Book – 100 Travel Tips

Do you want your next holiday or business trip to be easier and less stressful? These proven tips will allow you to relax a little more.

This guide is broken down into three sections:

  • Before the trip
  • At the airport and on the plane
  • At your destination

Make your next trip exciting – instead of stressful – with these effective tips.


Free US Travel Guides