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Free Birthday Cheesecake Factory

I love cheesecake and I love The Cheesecake Factory!

The food is always great and the cheesecake is even better!  Y U M !

If you celebrate your birthday at The Cheesecake Factory they will give you a FREE Mini Hot Fudge Sundae.  I must say that I am a bit disappointed and surprised that they don’t give you FREE Birthday Cheesecake.  It is The Cheesecake Factory, after all.  Maybe they will reconsider?!?!

I was cautioned when I called to verify the FREE Birthday offering that the sundae is “very small” and served in a “shot glass.”  :(

From The Cheesecake Factory website

“The Cheesecake Factory is the perfect place to celebrate!  If you order dessert, we’ll personalize the plate with “Happy Birthday” (or Anniversary, Good Luck, etc.) and your special guest’s name written in chocolate or caramel.  We decorate the plate with candy confetti and place a candle on top.  Or, if you didn’t save room for dessert, we offer a complimentary birthday sundae with a tiny “scoopette” of vanilla ice cream, fudge, and top it with a crown of whipped cream, confetti pieces and a candle.”

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6 thoughts on “BIRTHDAY FREEBIE – The Cheesecake Factory”

  1. I love the cheesecake factory its my favorite resteraunt I have eaten in every state I’ve traveled from Ohio to Texas my birthday is Feb 13, 1965 I will be fifty and I’m having my birthday dinner at the cheesecake factory in Cleveland ohio

  2. Hi my birthday is tomorrow I want to take my family and make it special but I don’t know how much I can effort

  3. My birthday is coming up at the end of the month and I want to know more about the birthday email please email me more information thank you

  4. This is disappointing! They should offer smaller sizes of cheesecake for birthdays, perhaps the basic cheesecake! Something other than a stupid fudge sundae…if I wanted that..I can go to Publix and not spend all the money!.

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