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Discounted Costco Gift Cards

FREE lunch compliments of COSTCO!  FREE Costco Samples are one of the best benefits of membership, if not the best!

The price of membership (currently $55.00) will pay for itself with FREE Sample Lunches alone!  If you visit Coscto just 11 times for lunch, assuming you spend about $5 for lunch – that’s just once per month.

You say you don’t have a membership. Most of the clubs will let you in for a FREE trial day. They might not let you buy anything or you might have to pay a premium. But who cares!  You’ll get a FREE lunch out of it!

If you already have a membership, think of it as your FREE pass for lunch. Really, you don’t have to buy anything. PLUS you can even go up for FREE seconds of the things that you like. What are they going to say? Make a couple of rounds until you are full.  Don’t be shy!

A recent day’s menu of FREE Samples included –
FREE Chicken Salad
FREE Chicken Wings
FREE Cheesecake
FREE Truffle Cake
FREE Apple Danish
FREE Beef Brisket
FREE Soy Milk
FREE Peanut Butter & Jelly Uncrustables
FREE Chips & Salsa
FREE Goat Cheese
FREE Smuckers Grape Jam on Toast

A literal buffet & it was FREE!  Too bad they don’t pass out plates 🙂

You can get FREE samples one day at COSTCO and then get FREE lunch at Sam’s Club another day. Go a couple of times a week. (Some people go every day!) Go on your lunch hour.  Take a family member or a friend so they can get FREE eats too! COSTCO generally has a larger selection of FREE food to try.  Sam’s Club seems to be a little stingy on the FREE tastes.  Does BJ’s Wholesale Club have the same FREE Sampling bonanza?

BEST TIME TO GO – avoid the early morning or close to closing time. Weekends are generally more crowded and you will have to wait in lines.  Get the most and the best FREE samples mid afternoon Wednesday through Friday. It’s FREE of lines and there’s great selection.

Happy FREE Sample Lunching!  Mmmmmm!